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Central Park is in the middle of a bustling and gritty metropolis. But you won’t find litter on the Park’s lawns, paths, or flower beds. How is this possible???

It’s because of Central Park’s Unsung Heroes: the Triumphant Trash and Resilient Recycling Cans!!

We need 336 Park-lovers to say ‘thank you’ to the receivers of rubbish…the saviors of sanitation…the defenders against debris…

Make a donation today to honor our unsung heroes and support the Conservancy’s work to keep Central Park pristine for our millions of visitors. Plus, for a limited time, your donation will be MATCHED to have twice the impact, thanks to a matching gift from a generous donor who also loves a clean and gorgeous Park.

Our trash and recycling cans do their part for Central Park. Won’t you support them?

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