Harlem Meer Performance Festival - Los Soneros de Oriente
Charles A. Dana Discovery Center ((inside the Park at 110th Street between Fifth and Lenox Avenues)

Los Soneros De Oriente.jpg


Conformed by some of the members of the legendary Son de la Loma, one of the most vibrant New York City latin bands from the 70's, Los Soneros de Oriente pay homage to their founding  figures. These cuban veterans have also performed along with the greatest salsa and son artists of all time like Tito Puente, La Lupe, Eddie and Charlie Palmieri, Mon Rivera and La Sonora Matancera. Los Soneros De Oriente brings with delight traditional Cuban music, a treasure that remains pulsing through you long after the show.


Join the Central Park Conservancy for this Cuban delight at the Harlem Meer!

Time: 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM